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With 30 machines at our disposal, we are capable of wax injections ranging from 12 tons up to 118 tons, plastic injections ranging from 50 tons up to 75 tons as well as soluble injections.

Inspection & Quality Control

CMM Inspection/Programming, Digital Caliper Inspection, Non-Destructive Inspection (X-ray, film, sonic and digital), and Visual Inspection are all available options for our customers.


Assembling & Finishing

 We offer Plastic/Wax Nozzles, Cored Wax Nozzles, Solid Cored Patterns, and  Dip Ready Molds as affordable options.

Tool Shop

We have 2 toolmakers on site to help maintain customer tools. All new tooling is designed and built in England before being shipped to Air Power Dynamics to be injected ensuring a proper build prior to shipping to our customers. We also feature medical applications for knees and hips for our customers.

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